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Strapping Cutter Tool 47216001 Pack of 1
Jiffy Strapping & Film Cutter. A low cost solution to packaging cutting needs. Suitable for cutting most packaging film including stretch & shrink wrap, bubble wrap and strapping.



Q-Connect Carton Sealer KF01295 Pack of 1
Q Connect Packing Tape Dispenser. High quality lightweight plastic and steel pistol grip dispenser with fully adjustable brake. Designed for durability while minimising operator fatigue. Suitable for use with tape 50mmx66m.





Polypropylene Strapping 12mmx2000m Black 82129003 Pack of 1
Black Polypropylene Strapping. Quality strapping with a 135kg break strain & supplied on plastic reels that fit floor stands (see MA91500). Size: W12mmxL2000m.



Band and Buckle Strapping System 82SBlack Pack of 1
Band & Buckle Strapping System. Complete and simple banding system in one box, ideal for smaller users or where space is at a premium. Each kit contains: 750m of 12mm lightweight strapping & 250 plastic buckles. (For additional buckles see MA99673).



Metal Seals 12mm Pk 2000 8312025 Pack of 1
Open Metal Banding Seals. 12mm banding seals to seal parcel strapping. For use in inconjuncion with the carton sealing combination tool and sealing tool.



Carton Strapping Kit Complete 87110 Pack of 1
Carton Sealing Kit. Each kit contains a 12mm combination banding machine, a roll of 12mmx2000m Black strapping, 2000 - 12mm metal seals and a portable metal floorstand. (All items in the kit are available separately).



Portable Metal Strapping Floor Stand 91796001 Pack of 1
Portable Metal Strap Floor Stand. Metal stand that is simple to load and use. The handle acts both as a carrier & brake to prevent strapping running off. (Strapping not included).



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